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Actual Day Photo/Videography

Actual day photo/videography services are available to make sure that you can replay all the perfect moments — a perfect idea for your future anniversaries.

Wedding Videography Singapore

For those who want to preserve the memories of their wedding day, a professional wedding videographer can help you create a timeless and authentic film. Wedding videography Singapore captures the little details, glances, personal connections, and significant gestures of your special day, preserving them for your golden wedding anniversary.

Using minimal equipment, a videographer can capture the essence of your wedding day in a way that you and your guests won’t be aware of. They will last for generations and transport you back to the events and ambience of your day.

Best Wedding Videography Singapore

Actual Day Photo/Videography is one of the most reliable and trusted wedding videography Singapore services. We’ve been working with the top cinematographers in the industry to produce wedding films.

With our unconventional cinematic approach to wedding filmmaking, we have garnered accolades for our work. The majority of the reasons couples choose to work with us have to do with how we, together with our colours and music, adequately capture the intense love and all of the emotions of a wedding day. Our films’ suspense and romance are expertly balanced to captivate audiences and keep them glued to the screen from start to finish.

What do we offer?

Are you in search of a breath-taking wedding video shot on film?

Is there anything else you’d want to add to your collection of family remembrances?

Do you need a ‘Save The Date’ or a “Proposal Film”?

Then choose Actual Day Wedding Photo/Videography and expect the best. We offer you the following services.

Our Wedding Videography Services

Wedding videography in Singapore aims to capture every fleeting emotion, stolen glance, and heartfelt vow. Your love story deserves the most captivating presentation. Every smile, every tear shed, and every dance step should be meticulously captured, ready to be treasured by generations to come.

Our videographers at My Bridal Room are dedicated to documenting the moments and capturing the essence of your special day. We will record every detail, from the pre-wedding preparations to the grand finale, to produce a masterpiece you’ll cherish forever.

Accessibility and Affordability

Every couple’s love story and budget are different, and My Bridal Room understands that. We are committed to affordability without compromising the quality of our services. We take pride in offering competitive rates while maintaining the creativity and professionalism that you seek for wedding photography in Singapore.

Catering to Local and Destination Weddings

Whether you are taking your wedding photo in Singapore or embarking on a destination wedding adventure, we are here to capture your love in its most authentic form. Our services cater to both local weddings, where we help your surroundings come alive with your love, and destination weddings, where breathtaking backdrops accentuate the romance of your journey.

If you are planning a wedding photoshoot in Singapore, look no further. Connect with My Bridal Room’s team, share your requirements, and just leave the rest to us.

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Wedding day of Jarib & Ziting
ROM – James & Yi Lin
Wedding day of Koon Yan & Lydia
Wedding day of Nigel & Jasmine
Wedding day of Kar Chin & Huimin
Wedding day of Jonathan & Rachel
Wedding day of Teck Yi & Pearl
ROM Day of Andrew & Yu Jia
Actual Day Photography – Joshua & Victoria
Wedding day – Church Wedding
Wedding Day of Melvin & Emily
Actual Day Photography – Shi Wei & Estella
Wedding Day of Jun Han & Lauren
Jay & Hazel
Wedding Day of Calvin & Michelle
Wedding Day of Fei Qin & Xin Yi