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Candid Wedding Photography

Candid photography is the art of photographing subjects utterly unaware of the photographer’s presence and not posing for the camera. It is possible to picture a moving thing when it is static. Candid photography’s success is directly tied to capturing life as it happens. And the tale it tells about that particular time.

Architectural photography is a popular genre for candid photographers to explore. They use product photography aesthetics to photograph wedding bands. Modern wedding photography encompasses all of these and more. A wedding photographer captures the bride and groom as they prepare for their big day. There is a strong influence from fashion and portraiture in their approach to this project.

Candid Wedding Photography Singapore

The goal of candid wedding photography is to capture the fundamental, raw emotions of the big day. For a wedding photographer, among the favourite things to photograph are the first glance between a bride and her father, a happy mother seeing her son utter his vows or anything that isn’t planned. They don’t want to miss any of these incredible moments by asking them to move or do anything again; instead, they want to photograph them as they unfold.

This is not to say that a photographer doesn’t shoot group shots of couples during candid wedding photography. They simply don’t spend as much time doing it as other photographers.

Tips for Candid Wedding Photography

Most newlyweds agree that their wedding day is over in a hurry. Its wedding photographer’s goal is to ensure the images capture the essence of a couple’s special day so they may look back on them fondly in the years to come.

Candid wedding photography is terrifying and thrilling due to the lack of control. Wedding day variables include weather, traffic, and more. Everyone’s emotions are up and down all day. As a wedding photographer, you’re sometimes a planner, life coach, friend, therapist, and documenter. Here are a few of the tactics to improve your candid wedding photography.


There are two forms of candid wedding photography:

  1. Accidental moments spotted by the photographer
  2. Planned candid, or plandid.

Many couples say they want candid images, but they’ll need coaching. You always have questions for engagement sessions, elopements, and 200-person events. Ask couples about their first date or name their spouse’s best attribute. Their partners’ responses to these prompts may vary. Within seconds, their uneasiness disappears, and compassionate expressions appear. You can capture lovely candid moments while letting people express their experiences.

First Look

Instead of promoting an agenda, wedding photographers should listen to customers. A first glance gives the pair some alone time on their hurried wedding day. It’s an opportunity to slow down and celebrate this significant milestone. Avoid manufactured, gendered positions and concentrate on the couple seeing each other on their wedding day. Those few seconds of feeling are priceless.

Body Language

If a pair is uncomfortable posing or not answering questions, don’t force it. If a pair seems uncomfortable, shift the subject or backdrop. As wedding photographers, you aim to create lasting memories. You may put down your camera to ask your pair how they’re doing. Checking in during the day will reassure them that you’re on their side and boost their trust in your photography skills.

Key Moments

Candid wedding photography defies the rules, but some moments are essential. The first dance, cake cutting, and a few dance party songs during the ceremony stay close to the newlyweds. Move about them, photograph them from various angles, and check family responses. This helps capture candid shots. Second shooters may catch guest responses while you concentrate on the marriage.

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