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List of Actual Day Wedding Photography Rates in Singapore


Hiring a wedding photography and/or wedding videography studio is SOP in Singapore because your wedding is most likely the most important (and expensive) milestone in your life. Right, no picture, no conversation.

You will eventually need to hunt for a wedding photography or videography company that suits your budget and your aesthetic and won’t produce subpar results if you don’t choose a wedding package. We’ll help you with the first part of the process (the budget) in this tutorial, but the remainder is up to you to decide.

Are you unsure about the actual day wedding photography rates in Singapore?

wedding photography

You should budget at least SGD 600 to SGD 1500 for wedding day photography and SGD 1200 to SGD 2000 for videography, assuming your wedding is a full-day affair. By hiring the same vendor for the entire wedding actual day package, you can save some money, but it’s a rare studio that excels at both.

My Bridal Room has assisted several couples in realising their wedding fantasies since it first opened. My Bridal Room offers a wide variety of wedding services to assist couples as they begin their journey towards marriage. These services include bridal bouquet delivery, bridal vehicle services, cosmetics and hairstyling, pre- and post-wedding photography, and gown and suit rental.

Engaged couples can anticipate the most professional and individualised care from the dedicated and creative staff at My Bridal Room, who are working to make your wedding experience a breeze. The staff at My Bridal Room strives to offer only the greatest service that will put you at ease, keeping your wedding demands and aspirations in mind.

My Bridal Room provides the following Photography Services:

Pre-Wedding Photography:

The best method to capture those ephemeral, precious moments that make you smile every time you see them is with a pre-wedding photo session. Pre-wedding photo sessions, often known as “engagement shoots,” are frequently held three to six months before the wedding.

The pre-wedding photography studio at My Bridal Room enables you to capture this priceless period in your life in a formal studio setting. Use the studio lighting, our extensive collection of props, your preferred backdrop color, and a range of attire.

To all of our valued clients, My Bridal Room is pleased to provide a comprehensive selection of photographic and videography services. We approach providing these services to you with professionalism and warmth.

Overseas Wedding Photography:

Destination wedding photoshoots, a growing trend in which engaged couples go to unexpected locations for their wedding picture sessions, are becoming more and more popular.

People are also getting more creative with the settings they want to use for their photo sessions. You’ll be surprised to learn that some of the locations have nothing remarkable about them.

International wedding photography may be a time-consuming process in and of itself since you will need to capture hundreds of pictures because a wedding is one of the most significant events in a person’s life.

Wedding Videography:

A skilled wedding videographer can assist you in making a timeless and genuine film if you want to save the memories of your wedding day. For your golden wedding anniversary, wedding videography Singapore preserves the little moments, glances, close relationships, and meaningful gestures of your special day.

We have received praise for our work thanks to our innovative cinematic approach to wedding videography. Most of the time, couples choose to work with us because of the way our lighting, colors, and music perfectly capture the deep love and all of the emotions of a wedding day.

Candid Wedding Photography:

The art of candid photography involves capturing images of people who are completely oblivious to the photographer and are not posing for the camera. When something is static, it is nevertheless feasible to visualise it as moving. The ability to capture life as it happens is essential for candid photography to succeed. and the story it conveys about that specific period.

Candid wedding photography aims to record the basic, unadulterated feelings of the special occasion. A wedding photographer’s favourite moments to capture include the bride and groom’s first glance, a proud mother seeing her son say his vows, or anything unplanned.

They don’t want to ask them to move or do anything again because they want to capture these beautiful moments as they happen on camera.

Actual Day Wedding Photography and Videography Rates:

When you say, “I do,” or when your parents cry during your wedding speech, our images capture all the complex nuances of your special day. Let us assist you in capturing that particular moment.

We offer six types of actual wedding photography and videography packages:

 Actual Day Wedding Photography Packages:

  • Package 1 costs SGD 600+, which includes 2 hours of photography for the ceremony and all of the color-corrected and returned photos.
  • Package 2 costs SGD 1188+, which includes 5 hours of photography for the ceremony and all of the color-corrected and returned photos.
  • Package 3 costs SGD 1500+, which includes 8 hours of photography for the ceremony and all of the color-corrected and returned photos.

Actual-Day Wedding Videography Packages:

  • Package 4 costs SGD 1188+, which includes 2 hours of actual day videography and 2-3 minutes of event highlights.
  • Package 5 costs SGD 1588+, which includes 5 hours of actual day videography, two to three minutes of video highlights from the day, and raw footage from the wedding.
  • Package 6 costs SGD 1888+, which includes 8 hours of actual day videography, two to three minutes of video highlights from the day, and raw footage from the wedding.


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