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5 Ways to Delight Your Wedding Guests



When we talk to bridal couples about their upcoming weddings, a common wish for them is that their wedding celebration can be a memorable event not just for themselves, but for their loved ones and guests in attendance. After all, your wedding solemnisation or banquet can be a way to show your thanks and appreciation to your guests for supporting you both in this relationship, as well as a lovely way to have everybody who is important to you in one room.

In this article, we’re sharing 5 ways you can elevate your wedding celebration, to make it a day (or night) to remember, filled with fun and laughter!

1.Interactive stage games



Consider injecting a dose of fun and laughter into your wedding by hosting some interactive stage games. These games would work well as one of the middle segments of the wedding banquet where there is usually some downtime. From traditional games like “Wedding Bingo” to more modern options like “Couple Trivia” or “The Shoe Game”, it’s always a hoot when the games reflect the couple’s personalities or love story. Don’t forget the emcee’s role in this which is crucial in rallying the crowd to participate and cheer on cue!

2. Live food stations



We all know how important food is, and even more important is sharing that love for food with one another. Weddings can be a wonderful opportunity for the couple to share their favourite guilty pleasure food with their guests, through live cooking stations. These would often consist of vendors setting up carts and serving up freshly made food or drinks at the wedding venues itself. Some unique ones we’ve seen over the years: old school ice cream, kueh tutu, crepes, barista-brewed coffee and even bubble tea! It’s definitely a delicious way to delight your guests.



[Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash]

3. DIY experiences



This can be a fun idea for a wedding banquet while guests are waiting to enter the banquet hall. Creating DIY experiences allow guests to inject their creativity and personalise a memento that they can take home with them to remember the occasion. Some examples of fun DIY booths could be a flower bar, paper crafting, trinket engravement or even cocktail making. 


[Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash]

4. Live entertainment



Break away from the norm by incorporating live entertainment into your wedding. You could consider hiring a local band or musician to serenade guests during the reception, or even showcase your own talents by putting on a singing or dancing performance as a couple. Live entertainment will surely add a dynamic and engaging element to the celebration, and bring lots of laughter and cheer to the roomful of guests.

5. Photography experiences



The best way to make your wedding a memorable affair is to cater for fun photo moments by providing photography services! Consider engaging a roving photographer for the day – they will help to go around the room and capture candid moments of guests having fun, or assist with official table photography as well. Some couples also opt to create a beautiful photo backdrop or a photobooth with props so that guests can head there at their own convenience to get their pictures taken. Lastly, offering an instant photo printing service allows your guests to take home these beautiful mementos from your special day. 


[Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash]

While it’s important to ensure guests have a great time on your wedding day, don’t lose sight of your personal happiness as well if you get too carried away with all the planning. Take the stress out of the planning by working with our team at My Bridal Room. We offer multiple ROM packages to suit differing needs – depending on whether you would like to opt for simply a gown rental, or the full works, which includes suit rental, hair and makeup and photography services. 

Use our contact form here to leave an enquiry, and we’ll get in touch very soon to drop you more details of our all-in-one packages!



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